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FSC®, sustainability and compliance

Encasement is the leading manufacturer and supplier of preformed plywood pipe boxing and decorative casing products and we hold an FSC Chain of Custody Certification? from the Forest Stewardship Council®.

Our commitment to the use of sustainable and legally sourced timbers in our products enables us to offer certified casing solutions that adhere to the relevant legislation, which also helps buyers to comply readily with their own sustainable procurement policies.

With FSC certification comes the recognition that the timber materials used in the manufacture of our products can be traced right back through the supply chain to their original source.

By independently verifying every step along the path from timber grower to final end use, this chain of custody is clear evidence that the timbers are legal and compliant.

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To be confident that you?re dealing with an independently verified FSC Chain of Custody certified business, our FSC certificate number is INT-COC-003944.395 and a PDF can be downloaded for viewing by clicking here or on the Interface logo. In addition, Our FSC licence code is C109654.

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Legal and Sustainable Timber - Overview

Historically, de-forestation and the illegal logging of timber had a significant impact on the global environment, particularly in relation to the planet?s eco-systems and its ability to deal with increased carbon dioxide levels alongside other ?greenhouse? gases.

The introduction of sustainable forest management processes, together with an extensive international legal framework, has helped address this issue by promoting sustainable forest management to help reverse the effects of over production and stamp out the supply of illegal timber.

International agreements, legislation and regulations are now fundamental parts of the timber production and supply process, which carries through to its end use by product manufacturers and contractors, as well as its distribution by merchants.

Such is the importance of sustainable and managed sourcing together with the application and use of sustainable timber, that many governments have created policies and guidance on the procurement of sustainable timbers to ensure compliance is maintained, particularly relating to government contracts.



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