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Column Casing Finishes

The choice of finishes provides a wide palette of textures and colours to meet most specifications and aesthetic requirements, while also integrating with interior and exterior building design.

Our column casing range encompasses a number of different materials, which also allows us to offer an exceptional range of finishes to meet specific aesthetic needs as well as individual project requirements, such as wear resistance and fire performance.

Within this guide, each product group has been identified separately and the corresponding finish options are listed within the selection table. The range is exceptionally wide, so for specific colours, applications or finish requirements, please contact our technical team on 01733 266 889.

Column Casing finishes selection guide

Column Casings - Finishes

To obtain further information on each of our individual finish ranges, please click on the relevant PDF download links below. If you would like to visit the individual manufacturers� websites, please click on the company logos.

Formica Laminate Plain Colours pdf

Formica Laminate Woodgrain Colours pdf

Polyrey Laminate Plain Colours pdf

Polyrey Laminate Woodgrain Colours pdf

RAL Paint Finish Colour Chart pdf

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