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Pipe Boxing, Fire Sprinkler Boxing and Boiler Casings

Simple, quick & cost-effective

There is no quicker, easier or more cost effective method of concealing pipework, flues, fire-sprinkler pipework and other building services than with our pre-formed and pre-finished pipe boxing solutions.

Manufactured from FSC® 'Chain of Custody' certified materials from sustainable sources, our extensive range of 'L' shaped and 'U' shaped pipe boxing profiles can be finished in white melamine and a wide selection of laminates, as well as a painted white finish for Versa FR.

The range also includes flame retardant fire sprinkler boxing for interior applications, as well as our Arma heavy-duty pre-formed metal casings for exterior applications where pipe protection and security from vandalism or theft are primary considerations.

Boiler Pipe Work Casing image

Boiler Pipework Casing

Almost any boiler installation can be improved by concealing gas and central heating pipes with our pre-formed and pre-finished boiler pipe work casings.

Riva and Riva 'D' Pipe Boxing image

Riva and Riva 'D' Pipe Boxing

Riva pipe boxing provides a simple, quick and cost effective method of concealing horizontal and vertical central heating pipe work with a pre-finished hard wearing bonded melamine surface.

Versa 5 Pipe Boxing image

Versa 5 Pipe and Fire Sprinkler Boxing

Versa 5 'L' shaped pipe boxing provides a truly adaptable solution for concealing pipe work in bathrooms, kitchens and a diverse range of other applications including fire sprinkler systems.

Versa 8 Pipe Boxing image

Versa 8 Pipe and Fire Sprinkler Boxing

Versa 8 'L' shaped pipe boxing is designed for heavier duty boxing applications, such as waste pipes and fire sprinkler systems or where extra rigidity or strength is required as part of the project requirements.

Versa FR Flame Retardant Fire Sprinkler Boxing

Designed primarily for fire sprinkler and pipe boxing applications where flame retardant properties are specified, Versa FR is FSC® certified and manufactured from Euroclass B standard compliant board.

Versa D Pipe Boxing image

Versa D Pipe and Fire Sprinkler Boxing

Versa D 'U' shaped pipe boxing provides the ideal solution for concealing vertical pipe work, building services and fire sprinkler system pipework, as it's quick and simple to install, while providing a robust and attractive finish.

Pipe Boxing Accessories image

Pipe Boxing Accessories

A range of dedicated accessories is available for use with our pipe boxing products to help keep things simple and quick on-site while also ensuring that a great finish can be achieved on every pipe boxing and casing installation project.

Arma External Metal Pipe Protection image

Arma Pipe Protection

There's tough pipe boxing and then there's n-case Arma metal boxing for external pipe work, for projects where maximum protection is needed.

The on-site fabrication of pipe boxing and boiler pipe work casings is time-consuming and can be costly due to a number of factors including materials, paint, fabrication time and fitting. While, the true cost of site made material is often difficult to quantify, the chances are it's considerably more expensive than you think.

Our 'L' shaped and 'U' shaped pipe boxing and boiler casing products are used in countless applications in private and public sector projects, from high volume social housing refurbishment and affordable housing initiatives to new house building and prestige apartments contracts with major house builders.

Many Local Authorities and Housing Associations have experienced the benefits in terms of speed, quality and cost savings that can be achieved by using our pre-formed casings rather than site made alternatives. They're also simple to remove for maintenance and pre-finished with hardwearing melamine, so there's no need to paint, which saves even more time.

Our Versa 5; Versa 8; Versa D and flame retardant Versa FR ranges of 'L' shaped and 'U' shaped boxings also enable fire sprinkler system pipework to be concealed easily to create an aesthetic finish in flats and communal areas.

All our 'L' shaped and 'U' shaped plywood boxing and casings are manufactured from FSC® Chain of Custody (CoC) certified timber. In addition, our Versa FR fire sprinkler boxing is FSC ® CoC certified and manufactured from Euroclass B standard compliant board.

Where durable and robust characteristics are needed to conceal and protect external pipe work, our Arma range is designed to do just that. Manufactured using powder-coated aluminium, Arma is used on simple vertical and horizontal pipe runs to more complex district heating and central boiler installations.

Alongside our wide range of products, we also offer a supply and install service, enabling us to maintain complete control over the project and provide expert installation solutions.

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