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Quadra Column Casings

pre-formed plywood column casings


Heat and pressure are applied to bond layers of plywood veneers with a finishing kraft paper and compensating balancer to produce a strong and lightweight profile, which retains consistent shape with good rigidity and integral strength.

The manufacturing process ensures that a low moisture content of around 7% is maintained to provide greater stability.

To ensure an effective bond is achieved and the material retains high structural integrity, a type MR (moisture resistant) adhesive is used which conforms to British Standard 1204: 1979.

Alongside the standard plywood casings, we can also provide Quadra products manufactured using veneers produced from sustainable timbers. For further information, please click here.


Quadra casings are secured to structural columns using timber fixing battens and screws as shown on the typical installation diagrams.

Fixings are concealed by an extruded aluminium feature joint to create a 'shadow' gap. Alternatively, a 'penny joint' option is also available which can be filled on site and decorated to conceal the fixings.


Quadra pre-formed plywood casings are extremely versatile and are designed primarily for interior use due to the nature of the materials and finishes used in their construction.

The immense scope of finishes available and the fact that they are durable, easy to install and cost effective, makes them one of the most popular methods column casing solutions.

Fire resistance and spread of flame

The substrate conforms to BS 476 part 7 class 2 spread of flame. When used in conjunction with a fire retardant laminate or lacquer bonded with an appropriate adhesive system conformance to class 1 spread of flame is achieved.

Two-year guarantee

All products in our Quadra range carry a two-year guarantee, as standard. This covers the casings against de-lamination of the plywood veneers and bonded decorative finishes when used under normal conditions and is effective from the date of purchase.

Finish options

A range of finishes is available to meet individual specifications, including plain casings for on-site decoration together with high pressure laminates for increased durability and improved aesthetics. Please click here to view the 'Finishes' selection guide for more information.

Technical drawing downloads

A range of technical drawings in both PDF and DWG file formats are available. Please click here to visit our download page and select the drawings you require.

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