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Versa FR Fire Sprinkler Boxing

Strong, versatile and cost effective

Where flame retardant boxing is required to conceal fire sprinkler installations, Versa FR is the perfect solution, as it is manufactured from Euroclass B standard compliant board.

Versa FR is fabricated from flame retardant FSC© 'Chain of Custody' certified material, which has a white painted finish, giving a joint-less and easy to clean surface to integrate with the interiors of flats and communal areas.

It can be easily cut to length on site and drilled to accommodate fire sprinkler heads and the boxing is secured simply by screw fixing to timber battens or aluminium angles, which also allows easy access for inspection and routine sprinkler maintenance.

A range of dedicated accessories is also available including internal and external corners, as well as stop ends. Running lengths are butted end to end to ensure the integrity of the boxing. Intumescent mastic joint sealant may also be required.

  • Manufactured from FR Euroclass B standard compliant board
  • Designed primarily for high level horizontal applications
  • Suitable for use in flats, lift lobbies and communal areas
  • FSC® Chain of Custody certified and compliant
  • Consistent and uniform finish
  • Painted white finish
  • Easy to remove for access
  • Range of dedicated accessories
  • Versa FR Sprinkle Boxing product overview - image 1
  • Versa FR Sprinkle Boxing product overview - image 2
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